Thursday, July 21, 2016


I can't even begin to tell you all how excited we are. I just got off the phone from booking our vacation to Walt Disney World!!!!!!

So a bit of background first, when I was little we took trips to Disney World all the time. Then when the hubby and I were dating we took our first "big" trip to Disney World together. I talked him into it cause I was a cast member at the time and we got huge discounts on the hotel and I was able to sign us in. His argument was I grew up by Disneyland why do I want to fly to Florida to go there? Well once there his tune changed greatly and we had a fantastic time.

This however, is our first family vacation there with our 3 littles. I am beyond over the moon excited and have been doing research and booking reservations and figuring out the magic bands. Are you all ready to get planning with me???

Helping mommy plan our vacation for great info for preschoolers and toddlers visit there is a wealth of info on special places in the parks for them.

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