Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Disney World Magical Express Info and Tips

Oh how I as a mom tired from traveling with my 3 kids and husband, so really 4 kids, love landing in Orlando and going straight to the Magical Express to our resort. Do I need to wait at baggage claim form our luggage.... NOPE. Do I have to get a cart to lug all those suitcases..... NOPE. Do I have to worry if my transportation will be there..... NOPE again. 

If you are staying on property at the Walt Disney World Resort then included is the Magical Express to and from the resort. Its beyond wonderful. When you book your vacation with a Disney Travel Agent, yourself or online all you need to do is enter your flight information and you will be sent tags to put on your checked luggage when you leave home and the next time you see them will be in your resort room. Our last trip was in December 2016 and I had a 4, 2 and 1 year old, not having to worry about our checked bags was a vacation within itself. Once you land in Orlando you go downstairs past baggage claim and use your magic bands to scan and get in the correct line for your bus. You board a comfortable bus with a cute show on the TV's about the resort and some cartoons and relax for the 45 minute ride. There is even a bathroom on the bus for the little ones who "really really have to go NOW" 

My tips.... 

Pack a change of clothes and swimsuits in your carry on bag. Sometimes it can take a bit for your luggage to arrive at in your room and you don't want to miss out on park or pool time waiting for it. 

Gate check your stroller so you have it with you ready to go. We have a double bob and we were able to gate check it in multiple airports without any problems. 

Make sure you have your Magic Bands in your carry on. Those are your ticket onto the Magic Express along with your room key and tickets into the park. 

Have plenty of snacks with you for hungry kiddos or lollipops for ears that need to be popped after the plane ride. 

Relax and enjoy the ride..... 

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